10 Ways a Smart Lighting System can Enhance the Kitchen and Bath

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Synchs with Music and More Lights can go a long way toward setting the mood of a room; when a smart lighting system has been programmed to synchronize with a music system, the kitchen and bath can take on a whole new attitude. Classic music can play when the lights are dim; hip-hop when they are bright, for example. This can be easily accomplished by pressing a single button on a keypad or launching a command from a mobile app. A security system, thermostats, and motorized shading can be integrated, as well, to completely alter the atmosphere of the room.

Provides Peace of Mind Nobody intends to leave the lights on when they leave the house or go to bed. Lighting systems can be access and controlled remotely from a mobile app, so that the kitchen and bath are always illuminated (or not illuminated) perfectly.

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