3 New Smart Home Devices Controlled by Google Assistant

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Google Assistant, along with other voice-control platforms like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, is gaining steam as a smart home control solution. According to a study by Parks Associates, consumer adoption of voice assistants more than doubled from 2015 and 2016. Based on this growing popularity, manufacturers have been developing and introducing voice-controllable smart home products at a dizzying rate.

Three of the most recent Google Assistant introductions come from iDevices, Leviton, and Vivint Smart Home. Here are the Google Assistant-compatible products from each company:

Wall Switches, Dimmer Switches, and Wall Outlets.  Simple to install and affordable, the Google Assistant-compatible switches and outlets offered by iDevices enable homeowners to control any light or appliance that’s connected to it with basic voice commands. You can quickly turn off swtich-connected lights and activate a fan that’s plugged into an iDevices outlet to prep your master bedroom for bedtime. These products are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

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