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All work and no play makes dad, well, it probably makes dad cranky and not much fun. Truth is, dads have a lot on their plate as they try to juggle work and quality family time; Even if they work from home. Odds are no matter how well they plan, they’ll inevitably miss their kid’s soccer game or be late for a meeting. If this has happened to you, we have some good news; While there is no magical solution to this age-old dilemma there is a way to level the playing field and help you take back control. How? With our list of 5 Smart Home Devices and custom software development, Every Working Dad Needs.

Home automation is all the rage, with Amazon’s Alexa practically becoming a household name; but did you know that she, along with some other ingenious gadgets, can help you balance work and play? They can, and we are going to tell you how so read on to find out which devices you need and what they can do for you.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo made our list, but it might not be for the reason you think. You see, among the many impressive skills Alexa possesses, the one that caught our attention is the Notion skill, which allows you to communicate with your email.

The ability to read, send, delete and prioritize work emails without using your hands is as close to magic as it gets. It means you can rock your fussy newborn while going through messages or play Lego’s with your 3-year old without having to stop and shoot off a quick email.

Alexa can also give you Flash Briefings every morning on the latest news while you get dressed for work, track your schedule using the calendar so you don’t miss a meeting or school play and wake you up from a quick power nap with the alarm feature.

And if that wasn’t enough, she can also keep your little ones entertained, playing music or games for those times when you need a few minutes to get things done. Or just catch your breath.

I could go on, as there is a lot more she can do, like control your smart bulbs, but these features alone are reason enough for dad to grab one of these devices. Oh, and at a price of under $100 it’s a steal.

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